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Troy-Bilt Flex Leaf Blower Attachment

Troy-bilt Flex Parts Lookup When fall foliage starts falling to the ground, there's nothing better than a powerful leaf blower to help clean up the mess and keep the lawn looking its best. Though many homeowners have opted for a standalone leaf blower, either in a handheld or wheeled design, maintaining a separate piece of equipment is not always the most practical solution. That's why the Troy-Bilt Flex system features its own leaf blower attachment, which can be conveniently connected to the Flex power base as soon as its services are needed. The blower's status as an attachment does not diminish its power or capacity, and it features specifications that will make it an attractive option for homeowners and commercial buyers alike.

Despite its innovative and unconventional design, the Flex Leaf Blower comes with blowing capacity that's similar to standalone alternatives. The equipment is capable of producing up to 1,000 cubic feet of air per minute, which makes it perfect for blowing leaves, twigs, and other common lawn debris into convenient piles. This large amount of air volume is not the only specification that highlights this blower's power, however. The equipment can also blow foliage and lawn debris at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour, ensuring that even the most stubborn debris is forced into a large pile for easier processing or disposal. This capability is further enhanced by the adaptable discharge chute on the blower's exterior. The discharge chute can be adjusted within a 90-degree angle to ensure that wind and debris is guided in the right direction, no matter where the blower is located.

The Flex Leaf Blower comes with a 12-inch by 3-inch impeller, which is largely why it is so capable of producing fast wind speeds and excellent air volume during operation. Despite the large size of its impeller, however, this not a bulky piece of equipment. In fact, the blower weighs a total of just 80 pounds. That makes this model lighter and easier to store than many of the standalone counterparts with which it competes for market share. The Flex Leaf Blower measures 24.5 inches high, 24.25 inches wide, and 26.375 inches long. These measurements make off-season storage a breeze, with the blower easily able to fit into the tightest corners and smallest spaces of most garages and tool sheds. As a refreshing change of pace for new power equipment, the Flex Leaf Blower actually requires no assembly at all in order to get started.

Troy-Bilt Flex Leaf Blower Parts

Durability and dependability are two major benefits of the Troy-Bilt Flex Leaf Blower system. However, any professional outdoor power equipment still requires routine maintenance and repairs. For example, wear and tear may cause you to replace your blower housing or idler clutch. To make sure you can get back to your project, it’s imperative that you find the proper Flex Leaf Blower parts quickly and easily using TroyBiltPartsOnline parts ordering system. With just a few clicks, you can order genuine Troy-Bilt Flex parts, 24/7.

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TroyBiltPartsOnline is the one-stop shop for Troy-Bilt parts and equipment. When you purchase genuine Troy-Bilt parts, you can rest easy knowing that they were designed to fit your equipment. Whether you’re looking for a bearing cup or a drive spindle for your Flex Leaf Blower, TroyBiltPartsOnline makes it quick and easy to order your parts online and have them shipped directly to you.

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