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Troy-Bilt Flex Pressure Washer Attachment

Troy-bilt Flex Parts Cleaning up outside the house can be a pretty difficult task, but a great power washer makes the task much easier. That's especially true of the Flex Power Washer, which is an optional attachment for Troy-Bilt's unique Flex system. The power washer, like all available attachments, secures to the Flex power base and connects with its engine. From there, it can use this power to offer superior water pressure and gallons per minute, making quick work of cleaning vinyl siding, brick, paved walkways, or driveways. The Flex Power Washer is perhaps the best example of a compact piece of equipment benefitting from the top-notch engine within the Flex power base.

The specs associated with the Flex Power Washer put it leaps and bounds ahead of standalone, highly compact power washers that homeowners might otherwise consider for their needs. The equipment is capable of processing up to 2.5 gallons per minute of total water flow, which puts this model on equal footing with larger residential and light commercial models. The equipment uses this large water flow rate to produce overall pressure of 3,000 pounds per square inch. This equally impressive number means that the Flex Power Washer can easily get rid of years of built-up dirt and grime outside the home. It also means that the equipment has excellent "reach." Using the high psi rating and flow rate, equipment owners can easily and safely clean surfaces that are more than 10 feet in the air. Further enhancing the ability to reach new heights is the 40-foot hose included with this model as a standard piece of equipment. This also improves the power washer's range, eliminating the need to tote the equipment throughout the lawn as cleaning proceeds.

Like all of the attachments designed for use with the Flex system, the Flex Power Washer is designed to maximize its power while minimizing its footprint. A compact design is the name of the game with this series of attachments, and the power washer is no exception. This power washer is currently the lightest attachment of all options on the market, weighing just 58 pounds. The actual footprint of the Flex Power Washer is also perfectly compact. This model measures 21.125 inches high, 17.375 inches wide, and 26.875 inches long. Five included spray nozzles make this power washer notably flexible, even as it tries to fit into the smallest possible storage footprint of any attachment in the Tory-Bilt Flex system lineup.

Troy-Bilt Flex Pressure Washer Parts

Any professional grade power equipment requires routine maintenance and repair. Whether you’re needing to replace a pump or frame assembly of your Flex Pressure Washer, make sure to save time and order directly online using TroyBiltPartsOnline’s parts lookup system. Equipment owners can search a number of ways to find the right parts they need, any day of the year.

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TroyBiltPartsOnline is one of the largest suppliers of genuine Troy-Bilt parts and equipment. By ordering original equipment manufacturer parts from TroyBiltPartsOnline, you can rest assured that your Flex Pressure Washer will operate to its full potential. By taking advantage of their online parts lookup, you can quickly find that frame mounting bracket or even that power wash cover without ever leaving your home.

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