?? Troy-Bilt Flex Snow Thrower Attachment Parts

Troy-Bilt Flex Snow Thrower Parts

Why buy a snow thrower when Troy-Bilt sells an attachment for its Flex system that can get the job done just as well? The company's Flex Snow Thrower, which is the latest attachment to be unveiled by the company for use with its Troy-Bilt Flex power base, is designed to get the job quickly with plenty of flexibility in the off season. The result is a much greater value, especially for customers that live in areas with moderate annual snowfall. Though some buyers might assume that an attachment is not as powerful as a standalone snow thrower, the specs and features of this attachment put those concerns to rest with relative ease.

The Flex Snow Thrower attachment features an impressive, 26-inch snow clearing width that is certainly on par with other, standalone residential models from Troy-Bilt and its nearest competitors. In addition to an impressively wide clearing path, the snow thrower features four, 12-inch auger flights that were specifically designed to handle wetter, denser, and deeper snow accumulations than entry-level models on the market. To that end, the Flex Snow Thrower can work its way through snow accumulations as deep as 21 inches. Dense snow is no problem for this model, with proper auger design and discharge features that will properly get even the most persistent accumulations out of the way with one or two passes of the equipment.

Though the Flex Snow Thrower lacks power steering features often found in larger models, it does come with valuable self-propulsion. It's hard to underestimate the power and improvement to performance that comes from a self-propelled snow thrower, especially when it digs through snow fall of nearly two feet in total depth. The Flex Snow Thrower comes with manual chute control so that operators can determine exactly where snow will be thrown.

The chute control system can swing the snow thrower's discharge chute to the left or right, within a 190-degree angle, ensuring that snow can be properly discharged away from walkways and into low-traffic, typically grassy areas, until the spring thaw sets in. Because the Flex Snow Thrower is designed as an attachment, the equipment features a particularly light weight and a smaller overall footprint, enhancing its ability to be safely stored in the garage during the warmer parts of the year.

Troy-Bilt Flex Snow Thrower Parts

As durable as it is, Troy-Bilt’s Flex Snow Thrower requires routine care and maintenance to ensure the longevity of the equipment. When it’s time to replace that worn out clutch assembly or auger pulley, TroyBiltPartsOnline offers a user-friendly parts lookup tool where you can find and order the proper manufacturer parts without ever leaving the house.

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